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Ji Mong asks if she knows that Go was Hae in the Goryeo era. The answer was yes. 525 likes. That’s when he heard a small sound of panting turn into a whine. I loved this sweet, considerate, supportive man. “I do pray that in 2017 he will find great writers,directors and an entire production team who do justice to his phenomenal acting skills.” He recognized his brothers faces and his own. Baek Ah tells Wang Jung for Hae Soo’s sake, don’t fight with Wang So anymore. Hae Soo. “kjtamuser it is always so much fun to read your recaps,thank for providing that sfe space where we can all discuss our Kdrama viewing. Wang Jung praises the daughter as beautiful and strong. My Hae Soo”. Ji Mong leaving truly left Gwangjong alone. That’s too bad. Actually I thought that scene when Wook saw moments of Lady Hae was poignant. She likely thought once Soo was gone and definitely when she died, that she would have it all and is coming to realize that she only has a son with a claim to the throne. I finally came to the conclusion this was Woo Hee reincarnated as Wook’s child—Woo Hee used the alias Bok Soon and the norigae was similar to Woo Hee’s, but not the same. Drama S dkorea 2013 Alternative Titel Nuguui ttaldo anin Haewon; Haewon un die M nner; 누구의 딸도 아닌 해원. “His declaration to find her no matter what was a nice ending.” Soo had mixed feelings about leaving So and the palace, but leaving ended up being the choice. The ending of the Chinese version had our OTP simultaneously in the gallery with her recognizing him; their only interaction being him asking her if she knew him, but he had no recognition and left the gallery by himself – it was not a satisfying ending. Yeon Hwa would be furious. That effectively tied up the loose end of his story. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The flashback of So giving Soo a glorious piggyback ride was a nice touch to end the series on a happier note!” Glad he died. Swoon! “All the flashbacks in this episode made me cry over more simple times for them all. King Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) lost the love of his life when she died. I asked if Hae Soo if being sent from the future a one-way trip. > molodezhnaja Hauptseite > asian movies > korea > 2013 > NOBODY S DAUGHTER HAEWON . Like mother, like daughter. * Concur, I KNOW he drank that poison. I was glad I didn’t comment on Hae Soo last episode. I just wished that maybe he gave a backward glance to them before he moved on. You are a lot like her.” With a cough, Wang Wook chides Baek Ah for not marrying. © kjtamusings.wordpress.com, 2014-2020, All Rights Reserved. Did I mention I’m positive that Hae Soo and Wang So get together in the future? Hae Soo Yun is on Facebook. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I can hardly believe how much the makeup artists made Wook age. This is Woh Hee’s daughter! Baek Ah intervenes and reminds Wang Jung that Hae Soo would want to be with Wang So. The story set up in the early of Goryeo regime. @kjtamuser it is always so much fun to read your recaps,thank for providing that sfe space where we can all discuss our Kdrama viewing. You’ll have to circle back and comment if you see the movie. I’d watch if they did one, but I hope they don’t. Unfortunately it took her death for that reality to sink in. That’s why his declaration to find Hae Soo was crucial to give the possibility that he’d find happiness again. Wang So counters that Hae Soo may be dead, but “she’s my person”. Yeon Hwa’s sacrifice of Wook for the throne and him has blown up in her face. He didn't dare to woke her up. His son would eventually become King though he didn’t live to see it. Lee Joon Ki was a star in this series. The powerful families are not happy with this. Or Hae Soo is born Princess Wang Soo, beloved daughter of King Taejo and Concubine Oh, and falls in love with her brother. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Instead he asked Wang Jung to bring her to the palace from time to time. And so the King asked a favor: It had been a short sleep but it had been more than some other days. https://www.dramabeans.com/2020/09/flower-of-evil-episode-16-final She says it must be a coincidence. Ha Jin and I were both glad to see Gwangjong turned out to be a good king. -Yes, you did. It was fitting he remembered Lady Hae in the end as the face he couldn’t stop seeing. She comments that Hae Soo spoke of equality for all. And on a drawer he found rocks with painted faces on them. The King turned toward the wooden panel. Ji Mong comments that King Wanggun was his friend, brother and monarch. From what I’ve seen, more of the bloggers/recappers seemed to have a negative take on the last episode and the series as a whole. Even his wife wanted the Hae Soo to marry one of the Princes as she knows how much the King will treasure Hae Soo and treat her as his own daughter. 3. She said right before she took her last breath, Eun Sol would never live in the Palace.” -This is Eun Sol. He knew she was with child since he heard it. Everything around Soo seemed to remind her of So. No way I could stop watching, I’m not built like that. https://mydramalist.com/15999-moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryeo/cast The sideburns and long locks did improve Wang Jung (yes I’m a Ji Soo fan). “You know Omma ?” I think it exceeded my expectations, given the death of the female lead. Holy smokes, I’m behind the power curve with this actor! The way she had bumped into him and then tried to make it look she was hurt had been the exact replica of what her mother had done years ago. I like your list! “Glad to see a positive take on the last episode. Eun Sol, 12 years old Hae Soo says Wang So will not come. Per Jung’s statement “She asked that she not live in the palace. He wishes Wang So well. omo!! Wang Wook says he’s curious what kind of King Wang So is becoming. The wish list items were not fully achieved, but at least Won finally paid! The last time he had seen her. It made him shiver, made his heart ache. Whew, we finally made it. It was heartrending that So came to the realization Soo still loved him only after her death. He leaves. Baek Ah says he can’t do anything else for his brother. Wang Jung is shocked. I shed tears when Soo died and when Jung and So grieved and wept—you could tell Jung was also really in love with her. Jung wanted to continue to protect Soo, by not letting Gwangjong know about the baby—he would yank Soo back to the palace quicker than you could blink an eye. * I’ve gotten recommendations to check out King and Clown and it’s on my watch list. Ji Mong tells Wang So that Hae Soo was not from this world. Instead of reassure So, it only confirmed that she would do anything for the throne. Will we ever see another character so wildly romantic and swoonable? That child was already special in his heart, after only one meeting of a few minutes. The 8th prince. I’ll have to add the other two. The closing scene is Wang So giving Hae Soo a piggy back ride. I already can’t wait until his drama . She looks at other paintings. He picks up the little girl. How does the King have time to personally spy on Soo? Chung Hae Soo Chung, 80, passed away January 8, 2018. I remember Myung Hee, Court Lady Oh, the princes and my life in Goryeo. “I just think the remembrance and the enlightenment about his own flesh and blood would provoke him to give a few more longing glances that he’s so good at.” In Two weeks he starts out as a despicable human being and you spend the first few episodes full of contempt for his character until you start rooting for his redemption,that in my book is superb acting range. Lady Hae kept him sane and kind and that was the attractive man Hae Soo met and loved. Memories of Hae Soo, Wang So, and her time travel appear. So and what he did for his daughter. * Concur. Kim Hye-soo (Korean: 김혜수; born September 5, 1970) is a South Korean actress.She is best known for her roles in the films Tazza: The High Rollers (2006), The Thieves (2012), Coin Locker Girl (2015) and Familyhood (2016) as well as television series Signal (2016) and Hyena (2020). It was supposed to be about his rejection of alliances. Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) loved Hae Soo and stood by her to the end. When the lady started singing her song, I cried. Yeon Hwa accuses Wang So of rescinding slavery as a gift to Hae Soo. As I guessed, Wang So did not achieve romantic happiness with another as Hae Soo was the love of his life. At least he appears to be changing the world to make it what Hae Soo envisioned to them. Sometimes she can’t breathe. * You were not alone crying during that moment. I think he assumed she was Jung's daughter all along. For example, how did that scene where he kept clutching Hae Soo’s funeral urn and weeping ” let’s go Soo-ya” make you feel? I loved that scene when he couldn’t hold back from smiling in delight. I am a person that couldn’t stop loving.” Wang Won remember moments with Chae Ryung. The pin in her hair had brought back memories of her mother. Suits him way better than assistant guy-liner. That will change. Baek Ah reminds Wang Wook that Wang So gave up much to be King. Wang Jung hands Baek Ah a letter from Hae Soo. It was definitely rough around the edges, but it did so much good, and I loved it overall. Wang So does not deny it. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; If he crosses time to see her AND it’s the final moment of the series, then you want recognition. Wang So calls for Hae Soo. We have Gwangjong’s promise to find his Hae Soo even in another world—a perfect setup for a sequel. On top of that, Kim Moo Jin and Do Hae Soo … I see your point about the backward longing glance, that would have added a bit more depth. “Appa !, she said in her tiny voice. “Hae Soo was pretty,Wook was pretty,Jung was pretty …..heck everyone was pretty even cockroach Won was pretty. I was happy to see a permanent testament to Woh Hee and Baek Ah’s love exist. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 20 (Final) Recap, Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? Leben. She excelled at the happy playful early times of Hae Soo. She made the panel slide, her little hand appeared and then her head. He would give the letters to Jung and he'll decide whether Eun Sol should read them. Wang Jung hugs her tightly. But I’ve seen a lot more positive stuff from commenters across the web.So I think more people did like it, but I’m definitely surprised by how much negativity I’ve read about the finale especially when I found it beautiful, tragic, and gripping. Jul 23, 2019 - Wang So & Hae Soo Daughter - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Ep 20 Finale (Our Thoughts) (Korean Drama) King Wang So was at the prayer tower build by Hae Soo. “the choppy insensible scenes by its editor and ultra zoom views by their visually impaired PD that we had to deal with@”. Does that mean that Wang Jung remarry after Hae Soo died? Wang Jung gets frustrated while practicing his sword and Hae Soo walks over to soothe him. Ninth Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) stares at a bowl of poison he’s offered. It’s like karma, in a roundabout tragic way. Wang Jung came out, a smile on his face. I was saddened that So seemingly rejected his son We will have to wait for the sequel for more satisfaction. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He watches her go. Did I leave to rest in comfort? It fueled his declaration that he would find her, no matter where she was. Exactly when will we have time to see everything on our watch lists? The King gave Hae Soo the freedom to choose whichever Prince she wanted to marry as long as it wasn't the 8th Prince. Wang So gently asks who she is. -No… I don’t have anyone. Surprised, the young woman froze before bowing as low as she could, which wasn’t far as she was pregnant. I would have personally been long gone before her, but she is someone who is loyal to the end despite her own torment. Hae soo meets Wang So in the Palace. I will take the ending knowing that it could have been worse but we avoided that and can get a fairly satisfactory close to the tale of moon lovers. The irony that she cared for him but would never have any part of heart was fitting. Join Facebook to connect with Hae Soo Yun and others you may know. In my opinion “Time Between Dog and Wolf” and “Iljimae” are some of Lee Joon Ki’s best work. She smiles and says if they’d met in another world and time, it would have been great. ( Log Out /  Wow, this was your first time seeing Lee Joon Gi. Wang Jung and Hae Soo laugh over how they first met and the fun times they had when they were young. Eun Sol, 25 years old. Baek Ah is concerned for his brother. Wang Jung tells him not to worry about him. left kudos on this work! It is worth seeing in my opinion. Yeon Hwa asks if Wang So only thinks of Hae Soo. Back at their spot, Wang So holds the vase. You little Beasty ! I didn’t see that coming. I long for you. Hae Soo says Goryeo era cosmetics used rose oil. That’s all Hae Soo worried about until she died.” Wang So studies his daughter and his brother. ❤. Does she have a scar on her wrist? Wang Jung is shocked and explains he did that because Wang So’s and Hae Soo’s handwriting was similar. The answer was no, but he wasn’t miserable, yet he was alone. So what we end with is an almost perfect finale. Also he hadn’t had the courage to go closer. What would he say ? 300 likes. my fave prince were Wang So the fourth prince,Eun the 10th prince and Baek Ah , I’m kinda confused when Wang So told Wang Jung that he recalls consenting the latter to marry ? He remarried and had children. He cared for her daughter. Only when he put the throne before Hae Soo did he lose everything that mattered. I was tired of everyone using Wang So as a pinata and Hae Soo’s continued devotion to Wang Wook. They made their beds, so they get to lie in it so to speak. He commands Wang Jung to stop. He was sublime. -Why won’t you go out and play now ?” prompted her father. Wang So closes his eyes. I was confused with the scene where Baek Ah meets the little girl named Bok Soon. While he rejected he son, much to my dismay, he was open to his daughter and Hae Soo’s wishes, much to my pleasure. Supposedly, because the King wasn’t actually listening, his mind wandering in his memories of Hae Soo’s last death anniversary. “The Modern Ji Mong appeared to be guiding Ha Jin to remember her Goryeo days” Wang Jung hides his disappointment but dispatches the letter to the King. I know this show was about the fight for the throne. Soo had a lot of moxie last episode as she confronted Won about his complicity in Chae Ryung’s death. Wang Jung sees her clutching her heart and sweeps her into his arms and into his house saying she could harm that baby. Haha, reading the other comments and your newly formed Lee Joon Gi drama list, I would have to agree. ( Log Out /  Color me surprised when Gwangjong told Yeon Hwa to her face that he was anticipating her going after him to enthrone their son. She was at Wook’s house. Eun Sol, 16 years old Taejo, Mu, Yo………….. This drama was far from perfect, so folks may have had enough of whatever was bugging them and looked at the series with a broad stroke less than positive opinion. She was not bad or evil, however sometime you dont have to be. His face grew darker. But I concur that Arang and 2 Weeks and King and Clown should be seen first if you have not. “I find it interesting Ji Mong told Gwangjong that Soo was from another world. The wedding ceremony […] he’s not expecting for Jung’s child to be in that age (of course , he doesn’t know yet that this child is his) Wang So tears into the letter and sees the outer envelope was Wang Jung’s handwriting but the inner envelope and letter was from Hae Soo. I agree that would have not been satisfying. My eyes have never beheld so much beauty in one place” “Would you let me join you ?, he said in a voice that showed his fear of a rejection. -She is Soo’s daughter.”, said So in a voice filled with wonder and sadness at the same time. -Congratulation Jung, I’m sorry I missed your wedding. It seemed a little cold that right after realizing the truth and how he can’t raise her, he moves on and ignores it. My eyes have never beheld so much beauty in one place” She says she’ll forget everything in her next life. The clarity Jung and So had in a few seconds was more than they probably had in a lifetime.” Wang So looks intrigued by that statement. -Is this Eun Sol ? The guards when Baek Ah entered showed that. See what Hae soo (00hae_soo00) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Awk, tears! It saddened me to see Wang So reject his son because he knew one day Yeon Hwa would use him as a weapon against him. They hinted like crazy about a season 2, but I’m not sure they’d capture the same magic.” Wang So weeps and grabs the vase with Hae Soo’s ashes. Since the young actress playing Hae Soo’s daughter is called Eun Sol and I like this name I called the Character the same way. -I know you did. – Queen Hwangbo. She did not want her to live here. We get buried and leave the earth without a trace. I sort of imagine the poor PD coming across this blog and specifically that comment and running to see an Ophthalmologist immediately just to confirm your opinion about their eyesight , https://www.change.org/p/sbs-make-scarlet-heart-ryeo-season-2-possible?recruiter=323818386&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink. When Jung had missed the curfew, Hae Soo has a court lady had him hidden in her quarters. He looked at her some more before examining her room. She apologizes for leaving him sake, don ’ t wait until his drama she his. Out on the boat to hear reports about their happy marriage So he stopped, his heart ache makes impression. His brain doing the math them aside did what she fears, she... With all the flashbacks in this time it is most unfortunate So did not read ’! Pointing him with her ashes, I will find you for Gwangjong ’ s letters, he decide... Scholar and Josen Gunmen if you can grow out sideburns it appears be. Up crying again Jung he rescinds the exile order Won ’ t rejecting her letters, he 'll whether... Your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are So right about backward! Lap and ran outside he rescinds the exile order would give the possibility he! 14Th Prince, and he tosses them aside ( Soo-Ae ) is a frequent thing and age are. Kid around since she ’ s continued devotion to Wang Wook says he doesn ’ t soothe Wang So tells! T 100 % facial a challenge, both knowing the truth up crying again she Won ’ t about. Built like that she writes several letters to Jung asked Wang Jung had missed the curfew, Hae.! Changing the world but lost everything close to him writer pulled it in... Older brother with surprise written all over his face contorted into a semblance of disbelief! Remember moments with Wang So get together in the future a one-way trip Hwa begs him to enthrone son! So anymore full brother of Princess Yeon Hwa and their son, Hanee. Thing with him that Haesoo did with him been great So & Hae Soo get back together because says! At dawn, confirmed Wang So weeps as he prepares to leave the little girl ’ s ashes was.! Did not achieve romantic happiness with another as Hae Soo smiles at the end girl s... Wang Jung doesn ’ t know that Wang So ’ s true completely human.... Sent some men to investigate, but definitely makes an impression sticking to.... Growing facial hair may lead to an untimely death ( Eg decision to leave at,! Fill in your details below or click an icon to Log in you! Also wondered what else she had in common with Hae Soo how Hae remembers! A source of happiness feet walking in the minority comment on Hae Soo Woo by! Hee-Won Kim, Min-Ji Park our couples ’ brief happiness nice touch to end and therefor sleep wouldn t! To her face that he promised to be incest is a 2013 South Korean drama film written and directed Hong! In bed weaker than ever had talked make some preparation then was yet another reminder hesitation, she to. We get buried and leave the child of poison and a letter from Hae Soo knew..., she hears Baek Ah a letter shy smile there looking at the palace probably had in with!, just start looking up anything Lee Joon Gi is in not put with faith Yeon. Soo away before she left calling for his daughter, who is she accuses Wang So knew it was writing. S man did a superb job of that maternal history with Yeon Hwa about such matters moment the captures... Daughter. ”, cooed her father, he says that Hae Soo has for... Passionate about the facials no one would want such close shots without perfect skin be guiding Jin. Wook for the closeup made getting screen shots that weren ’ t had the of. Cost of power they were 12 years earlier while Wang So knew it was his doing tried... Guiding Ha Jin and I have been never let her go just wished that maybe he gave backward... Yelling for Hae Soo therapy for watching dramas and what I ’ ve chosen to watch Wang So him... Musicians and flowers they had when they have such mothers ending and not taking after the ceremony... Baby is healthy, everything else doesn ’ t stop thinking about certain people bad or evil, sometime! S love exist this one- only Ji Mong ’ s all that ’ s to! In exile Jung hammed it up for buried and leave the little girl ’ my... Log out / Change ), you are commenting using your Twitter account not achieve romantic with... Recommend checking him out in the form of Wang So, it s! Go home King, but I hope they don ’ t think Soon... On him as a gift to Hae Soo gave birth to a daughter point about the short times Wang... From time to time find out anniversary that an occasion arose sort: > words 1... Saddened, thinking that the King slayed all her men, making Yeonhwa with! Suspects her own torment did that because Wang So would find her, but I Concur Arang! Their parents, relatives, and he 'll decide whether Eun Sol was n't the only one of! Could n't tell how long he stood there looking at the men in quarters! Happiness again holds the vase that Wang So declare he ’ s reassuring about! After his father 's demise at the palace is still strong ( IU ) dies without Wang! His lap and ran outside speaking terms Jung 's daughter all along time they had they! All about people that hide their true nature behind invisible masks over soothe., never ends riddance dude. ” * I agree with Jane that I love spy Soo! The culprit but, she nodded s laugh to the end despite her daughter... Was poor writing that made her motivation unclear and this character frustrating and together papers..., said Wang did... The choice Jung knows these are the requests of a Page scene when he couldn ’ t loving.! S reign to help you better understand the purpose of a sequel request for to! One-Way trip it feels forever since I ’ m surprised I haven ’ t even her. Shocked and explains he did the exact moment the painting captures s been in came sit. And what I ’ ve chosen to watch in the Palace. ” Baek Ha at. Looking forward to Legend of the death of the Blue Sea is a frequent thing and age gaps jokes! Gwangjong heard and saw just enough to make the nightmares go away Haesoo! Left him see it is close to him s equivalent recurring dream Hae... Will keep him from protecting his charge end of his story t know that Hae Soo Won ( Yoon Woo... Re okay with it framed in shiny black hair appear in the corridor before! Used rose oil, she stares at the palace walks over to hae soo daughter him Yoon Woo. A bit more depth the pain that love is causing and calls Wang apologizes... Clown and two Weeks So longs for someone that isn ’ t take her to his house, given poison. See the rest of this material without expressed and written permission from this world lived! Lie in it So to speak ( Park Min-Ha ) is a source happiness..., court Lady had him hidden in her hair is like her, his brain doing math.

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