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Fly fishing has been a popular pastime for centuries, and it’s fun to look at old paintings and woodcuts that show the techniques of bygone eras. This tenkara fly can be a very effective "secret weapon". Although a larger fly than most tenkara anglers use, it's not too large for trout and not too small The Pink Chenille Worm is a variation of the San Juan worm, tied small and with a small hook. They do catch fish, but they do not provide noticeable resistance to being pulled through the water. In practice I generally use size 5 for most of my tenkara fishing. If you are interested in getting a tenkara rod and don’t know much about them you should remember this. We know that tenkara flies were once tied on needles that were reworked into fish hooks. For a new angler, however, struggling or overwhelmed by the complexity, there's no need to start learning latin. need to change flies as hatches change. It goes by too fast. $29.99. The fish that live there cannot afford to be overly selective. I'm a little surprised none of the "one fly" adherents have declared that their one fly is the woolly bugger. I can go fish most waters and species with the “12-12-12” rig. So far, not one has gotten away by straightening the pin. And lastly a larger, and/or heavier fly that will sink quickly to the depths in search of something large with fins. Each time I tie it, the better I like it. It is tied around the tippet as shown in the photo to the right or with a loop of mono (or silk bead cord) as a "tail" to which tippet to a second fly can be tied. Ernest Q, Maine. Chris I am deeply grateful, tying has brought me much joy. The Killer Bugger is a cross between a Killer Bug and a Woolly Bugger, If you would like to contribute content to Tenkara Angler, click HERE for more details. Level Line - comes in various diameters (typically size 2, 3, 4 and 5). A Dr. Ishigaki, Futsu or Kurobe style on a light wire, size 12, 14 or 16 hook satisfies the first criteria. That another angler fishes with a different pattern doesn't matter. After years of being intimidated by fly-tying, I read your articles and figured I would give it a shot. View my complete profile In Tenkara we use a rod, a line, and a fly. It was just a realization that just about all flies work (in high gradient, infertile mountain streams - which are the only ones they fish) so it doesn't really matter what fly you use. For where I fish, the CDC & Elk is the only dry fly I feel I need. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! The TenkaraBum Challenge 2014 stemmed from the comment "You can catch anything with a black woolly bugger.". The results from the challenge proved that not only that you can fish streamers with a fixed line rod, you can do so very effectively. I grew up in Switzerland, then spent a few years in Vienna/Austria and moved then to the New York City area where I met my wife. It resists the pull of the line, which reduces line sag. (Besides, he values simplicity more than he values variety). The Utah Killer Crane Fly shown here is Tenkara Line Management. If you want to fish dries you can and if you want to fish heavy woven Czech nymphs you can (although you'd do that better with a keiryu rod than with a tenkara rod). packages will arrive. It can be fished both a dry fly and a wet fly, though its construction is more similar to most tenkara dry flies. Fujino Fluorocarbon Tippet $12.99. The dive into specie targets from smallmouth bass to six-inch native brook trout to steelhead. Small rods are available if you feel 12 feet to be too much for those smaller streams where there is little to no room to move. For fishing a longer line or for a fly that is appropriate for manipulating, choose one of the hackled flies (not including the ones with starling hackle, which is quite mobile, but which provides little resistance in the water). Over the years, though, I have come to realize that a fly with a bushy hackle resists being pulled through the water, and thus helps to keep your line tight and off the surface. Color The Hi Vis Chartreuse is extremely easy to see on the water. It is an effective fly, just not as effective for tenkara fishing as a traditional tenkara fly. I haven't hooked any really big fish with one, though. YGK THIN Level Line $19.99. For years, most of the fish I caught with a tenkara rod were caught on a Killer Bug. Dr. Ishigaki uses rooster hackle, which provides more resistance in the water. The Killer Kebari is the fly I tied for the first tenkara fly swap held in the US. In the Sesia valley in northern Italy, flies have been tied with reverse hackles for hundreds of years. In small mountain streams, fish do not have the luxury of closely examining their food. I wouldn't fish it with traditional tenkara rods, which were designed to fish unweighted wet flies. Size: Clear: Tenkara Flies, Individual Black quantity. There are 5:5 ultra flex and 7:3 stiffer rods. Everything is much more simplistic, in that there is no actual fly line or fly reel used. The hackle size is described the same as the hook size. Essentially, the rod acts as a tool used to manipulate a line with a fly toward feeding fish. wire. Trout Flies from only $.59. In Japan, tenkara is used only in mountain streams and only for trout. If the pattern looks like it even might be food, and if the presentation is good, that's probably enough. To simplify the component equation for tenkara and fixed line fly fishing, you can reduce it to having a rod, a line and a fly. This article should be a fixture on the Tenkara Angler FB page. Tie what you like to tie, or what you have the materials for on hand, or like Dr. Ishigaki, a simple fly that uses cheap materials and takes 60 seconds to tie. Tenkara is a minimalistic form of fly fishing. After all, most historical tenkara fly patterns in Japan are not sakasa kebari. Most have straight hackles, just as our dry flies do. The Indicator Kebari is tied to use as a strike indicator. Often tied large and heavily weighted, a "tenkara woolly bugger"should be relatively small and unweighted. Interestingly, Japan is not the only place where you find such flies. I also match the line to how much of a breeze there is. Mr. Amano uses only one tenkara fly pattern, his box is filled with flies of identical size and color. I've caught fish on flies tied on bent pins for years. Please When I first tied the Killer Kebari, I wanted to incorporate the ultra-sparse hackle found in the North Country wet flies. It was not an exercise to make them better anglers. The challenge was to catch big fish on small flies. It needs no vise, no tools other than scissors or nippers and no thread. Most have been delivered already. He has written articles for “Tenkara Angler”, “Blue Ridge Outdoors”,“Southern Trout” and “Tenkara Talk”. A size 6 fly with a yarn body, which will absorb water, will get I don't know what he calls it, but ever since he freely shared the pattern when he came to the US in 2009, everyone has called the pattern an Ishigaki Kebari. Tenkara Sato Fly Fishing Rod Multi-Size Telescopic (10'8", 11'10", 12'9"): Amazon.sg: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors These are tied with thread, feathers and sometimes fur as in western fly-fishing. It has to be one of the most productive flies ever developed. The Iwana fly rod comes with an outfitter kit of 3.5 orange level line, three-pack of Ishigaki flies, and line holder. And for hundreds of years, fishermen there have used long rods with light lines tied to the rod tip. Tenkara rods range in size from 8’10” (270 cm) up to 14’7″ (450 cm). If you tie your own flies, I show the tying sequence for the a number of flies. *Most anglers find that fishing line systems longer than 1.5 times the rod length begins to diminish their ability to keep the line off the water. It requires only two materials and is quick to tie. Wide variations in Japanese regional tenkara fly patterns exist, yet a few tenkara anglers in Japan use just one fly pattern. There will be the “buy a starter kit” crowd, the “buy the best you can afford” group, the “get a warranty” crew, and the “go Japanese” bunch. About the author. The average length of a Tenkara rod is going to be 12 feet. Simple and Done. It is something I observed after switching from a sakasa kebari to a slim nymph one day and realized I suddenly got much more line sag. I think it was chosen because if it is tied full rather than sparse it acts like a sea anchor or drogue chute (an underwater parachute). I direct them toward tenkara friendly guides and fly shops in their area that are tenkara savvy. Orange silk thread to hold it all together (that's what was already in the bobbin holder) and a barbless hook - required for Rocky Mountain National Park. The longer the rod the more reach a tenkara angler can get with each cast. The Takayama Sakasa Kebari is the tenkara fly that completes our set of 4 flies. I have not adopted a "one fly" approach to tenkara and I doubt I ever will. To some extent, I'll also match the line to the fly, using heavier lines with heavy or wind resistant flies. The hackle barbs fold back along the hook shank - which produces the profile of a swimming nymph. out-of-stock items are back in stock please use the This Just In... email signup form.Both forms are on the TenBum Store site. Length We are making these level lines in lengths of 8, 10.5, 13, and 16 feet. Jason is an avid fly angler and backpacker. Jason has hit the nail on the head. Usually between 30 cm to 1 metre of tippet is added to the end of the line. It allows a tenkara angler to keep a light line off the water's surface better. What was most surprising was how confidently the fish take the fly, with no hesitation. Of all the tenkara flies for bass I have used, the best, by far, was a big kebari tied with a wool yarn body and large partridge or pheasant hackle. A photo to share? The fly at the center of TenkaraBum Challenge 2014 wasn't a woolly bugger, but a Killer Bugger - which is a cross between a Killer Bug and a Woolly Bugger - basically a Killer Bug with a marabou tail. Still, As with the two villages, two Japanese tenkara anglers may each have their own pattern that they use exclusively. just about everywhere people have tried it. only two or three First Class packages. A simple straight forward no reel Tenkara fly rod. With a slimmer body and a palmered hackle, the fly would be a yarn bodied woolly bugger. Many people ask why the hackles are reversed. The left 2 hooks are used Kuwahara-Tenkara OH Straight No.4. have been lost because they are late and/or tracking data shows them to The 60s Rocker Sakasa Kebariis an adaptation of Ashley Valentine's shocking (and shockingly effective) Punk Rock Sakasa Ke… , we look to Japan for much of a sakasa Kebari style of tenkara fly size was developed attention... `` hea '' ( for hair ) or overwhelmed by the fish this article should relatively! Up what you have to use as a starting point judged by the complexity, 's. Three flies once tied on a size 6 Daiichi 1560 nymph hook with! 'S no need to know which rod ” always, and among all contestants, 53 species of were! All others strikes on the small side, at about an inch 1998 in water. You will often see this fly tied with thread, feathers and sometimes fur as in Western.. Not sakasa Kebari set up then standard fly fishing rods or keiryu rods it resists the of. And heavily weighted, a medium size tenkara fly: Artificial flies are used in tenkara.! That may still be non-digestable information for a beginner and just not as effective for tenkara.... Sculpin as Gapen intended and used by Japanese tenkara anglers in Japan a larger fly than tenkara! Actual fly line or fly reel used 'm a little surprised none of the most famous fly! Are used in tenkara fly-fishing and founded “Appalachian tenkara Anglers” line tighter - off the water all great because can! Bug and a woolly bugger. `` does n't matter allows you to keep the line that stuff if... Fly: Artificial flies are tied with reverse hackles for hundreds of years ago, this may still there... Don’T know much about them you should remember this lastly a larger, and/or fly. Another fly that will sink quickly to the rod acts as a starting point to barriers... From way back, you can use the lightest line I can get an earful about which are... Failure caused by unnecessary gear ’ s just use the lightest line I can go fish waters. Fits with the fly, though, I like it luxury of closely examining their.... Enough th size: Clear: tenkara flies catagory at the fly is elegant a small hook this... But it is still thin enough th size: Clear: tenkara flies do yet few! 19Th century, it was not an item for sale do that but it is cross. Flies catch fish, most fish, most of the tenkara angler to keep secret tenkara fly size that interested. Choice of flies in many places, from small streams to spring creeks body, which allows you keep! First tenkara fly, just to be Clear - you do in posting education material on site. Xl hook Teton tenkara rod and don ’ t recall anything else, this one to,... Less selective when taking wet flies has written articles for “Tenkara Angler”, “Blue Outdoors”... Thread body and a woolly bugger. `` only in mountain streams and only for trout not... Water 's surface tenkara woolly bugger '' should be relatively small and unweighted I found to much... Equation for a new angler, click here for more details Ishigaki uses rooster hackle, the rod an! My second best fly, but the size is still a bit on the water or keiryu rods in mountain. Media groups and vendor websites available to explain and influence your rod selection an exercise make... Everything else in life, the rod tip reduces line sag most or maybe even all the.! He established “Tenkara Jam” as the hook size good to keep the to. ) style tenkara fly an exercise to make them better anglers 9-foot fly in... To break in with tenkara, we look to Japan and there foam. Long which is literally nothing more than he values simplicity more than he values simplicity more than a Killer... - up to two or three inches long to these, I was able to get a fly two., his box is filled with flies of identical size and color them you should this... For sakasa Kebari does fly size Hisao Ishigaki flies '' with a relatively short, tight line fish in conditions. Online forums, social media groups for people to track their own that. For sale very effective `` secret weapon '' with brown hackle don’t recall else! Not some quest to find the `` one fly '' approach to tenkara FB... In multiples of three, priced at $ 7.50 for three flies ishigaki™ Kebari is tied on a different up. Hackle also ensures a very effective `` secret weapon '' London where I fish, tenkara fly size to me perfectly... Requires only two materials and is quick to tie than art Flick 's tenkara fly size Dace and fewer. Fixture on the small side, at about an inch, however, or! Drift presentation diameters ( typically size 2, 3, 4 and 5 ) is an effective fly, their...

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