talonro lord knight farming

Most times, it will be a bother for your farming. Soul Breaker is a skill that slams down a powerful attack on a single target based on your INT and ATK. Pain release is a very large dps increase. Requires 3 hits to kill a Succubus. It takes 5-6 hits to kill a Succubus, but if you're good with your fingers, the kill is fast. It doesn't have Kaho, but it isn't cheap either and it's a quite specialized set. It works in the same way as the Brocca build above, but you need to make a mob as big as possible. They are pretty slow, though faster than Zombie Prisoners in Glast Heim Prison. And Smokie Card would be good if you don't have Frilldora Card. If not, Tirfing is best for Violies, Succubi, Incubi and such. Holy Kurobuku is good if you don't have Lord Kaho's Horns or are a tank in a party. As always, consider using Cloaking or Hiding if things get too ugly (mainly because you're surrounded by Violies). Shield Boomerang Paladin with Crusader Spirit link, uses the gears mentioned above with Provoke debuff. The main advantage is that is possible to one shot an Incubus or Succubus with a single attack. If DEX isn't a must (Triple Attack, Aspersio or Holy Cross builds), you can get Phreeoni Card or Queen Scaraba Card to get some Hit. Mob them, cast AoE, get the stuff, keep on going. You also got some decent ASPD, so you can always throw a Bowling Bash or Brandish Spear before spamming Spiral Pierces. Vampire Whitesmiths are explained in this guide: It's a good build, it's a variant from the traditional Niffleheim Whitesmith build: The main issue with the Vampires is that they got higher survival rates once they start with the killing (you need to spam recovery items while mobbing), as they get enemy HP thanks to the Sniper Card and Rideword Hat. And, as you see, all of them got some high DEF, ranging from 30 to 60 DEF. Not the most recommended of the builds. Go Sniper if you want Agi Crit. No external buffs. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Lord Knight. Arrow Vulcan Gypsy. That value is modified by your VIT (+2% per VIT), the HP Recovery skill (+10% per level) and the different modifiers (such as Cards). No Aspersio, so it's 2 shots. Damage increasing cards are the default option, Turtle General Card being the best choice, particularly for Bowling Bash builds. Soul Breaker/Meteor Assault Build Assassin Cross. Look up Orc Lord's spawn location on iRO / kRO, spawn amount and spawn time. The Knight class is the primary second job for the Swordman class. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. This is a sample (tentative, needs testing) build: This build is all about mobility. You aren't a mobber, so you don't need the VIT that much (use an Evil Druid Card instead and then switch when you want to get healed). Witch Starsands: these sell (Alchemists/Creators use them), but sadly, you don't get too many here. Spiral Pierce Lord Knight with AGI, VIT and DEX. Feel free to add stuff, like Mysteltainn for more Flee. Armour: Bathory Card, or if you feel like risking a bit to kill faster, Gloom Under Night Card. Many of them spam Wind element attacks, so if you have a proper armour for that, it's ok too. Never had a swordsman/knight since the original RO, tanong ko lang anong magandang skill and stats build and starter equips. Other option is dragging that mob to a place next to a wall, then using Cloaking to disperse the trash and just keep the Demons with you. Yup, it doesn't matter what you did before, or if you have !noks on, or if it's giving warnings or whatever. Meteor Assault is better if you're mobbed, while Soul Breaker is good to one shot isolated monsters. Check it out yourself with monster database and select Mapname e.g. Still, going alone is possible, but you need to be careful. Vanberks and Isillas will be your main targets, with Hodremlin as secondary ones thanks to their card: As you see, there is quite a variety of things to be farmed. Footgear: General Egnigem Cenia Carded footgear, Mysteltainn Carded footgear. Lower Headgear: Samurai Mask, Chewing Bubblegum, Rock Replica, Pirate Dagger. Cheap Stalker with plagiarized Aspersio, no buffs. Cheap Stalker, with Triple Attack, Aspersio and Priest buffs. A portal will open next to the fountain, and for a while, everybody that belongs to your party, may enter Geffenia. This girl has the same intentions as him: making a new pair of shoes with your skin. As you need the Flee, you can't use General Egnigem Cenia Carded footgear, so you need other way of getting your SP. Violies: the cause of why mobbing in this map can be a pain. Things that increase your protection, like Permeter Card. Smokie Card if you aren't using a Frilldora, things can get mobby. You can always swap to this when it's the killing time. High STR build, uses Ifrit Card, 2 Doppelganger and 2 Mobster Cards. Enough DEX to hit, AGI to reach 190 ASPD, rest to STR. For Knight Skills, you can refer to this post. General Egnigem Cenia: you want to recover SP without drinking Grape Juice as if it was water. While Grand Cross is not too viable here, due to the False Angels and to the fact that you won't mob much, they still got a few ways of dealing the monsters here: Note regarding usage of Ice Pick with Shield Boomerang and Shield Chain. Try not to get mobbed. Remember that Cart Termination isn't affected by %Damage Cards, so Gloom Under Night Card won't work. Body Relocation really helps when moving around, so it's good to master it. There is nothing much to say, a bit of foliage here and there that may make your vision difficult, but not as bad as a forest area. The most important card of these builds in Geffenia is Vanberk Card, it's the card that let's you break the high DEF of your enemies. Bring a trusty non-elemental sword. Uses Celebration Rings and General Egnigem Cenia footgear. Low Rates. This is a tentative list of gears to use: Archer classes don't have it easy on Geffenia. That doesn't mean that you can't farm here at lower levels, nor that you can't use non transcended classes, just that the guide uses them as reference. One of the difficulties there is that there is a mix of Holy and Dark properties monsters there, plus some of them take out your SP, making farming there a bit risky unless you go with a party, or you apply specific tactics. Right Hand: is the hand that will have the ATK increasing cards. Without it, you can kill the odd False Angel flying around, but it's most efficient just to Cloak on these and keep with the killing. Critical hits: the basic DEF piercing method, ignore DEF and Flee when hitting. They are Demihuman and Neutral, so forget about elemental stuff. The following are similar builds presented forth by other players using the TalonRO calculator. If you're being chased by False Angels and Violies, it's good to be able to cloak fast after you take care of your preys. Save in Geffen, have your support chars waiting there. I'm at a loss to where I should farm. High DEF variant, trading Kahos and Dragon combo for Magni's Cap, Odin's Blessing and Stone Buckler; used Naght's Manteau to get some +7 garment at a somewhat reasonable price, feel free to switch it. Holy Cross Paladin with +8 Sabre with Santa Poring Card, Strouf Card and Skeleton Worker Card. Same gears. Add 2 +5 DEX, +30 Flee and +75 ATK bonuses for more effect. If you're looking for other things or specific loots, suit yourself. Don't forget the meats and teleport away if things get too bad and you can't Hide. Katars are very rare with this build because they can't pierce the DEF too well. Shield: depends on your style, you might consider even swapping between both options. Garment: Deviling Card. A sample build of this could be this one: What to get? Footgear: General Egnigem Cenia Carded footgear would be best to be able to spam the skill, but you might want a Lady Tanee Card or Mysteltainn Card (for Flee). Armour: Bathory Card, while Gloom Under Night adds damage, it leaves you open to magic and you don't have a shield. Due to its high MDEF and Shadow Property 4, it's pretty resistant to elemental magic. Meteor Assault: default build. Lower Headgear: Samurai Mask, Chewing Bubblegum (both got +1% damage). Last, don't forget Stat foods, Green Salads and Lutie Lady's Pancakes are affordable, and they give you a decent boost. Fake Angels are the same. Vanberks will be one of your main targets there, at least in the level 1. Where do you guys farm at Level 85+? Use Shield Chain once on each monster and let them die while you spam it on the rest. That also means that you can hit everyithing you see around, like a machine gun. No Aspersio, using Cold Heart and Thief Ring combo. This lets you to use hit and teleport tactics (also been called here Teleport Assault if you like fancy names). If you have the read the previous guide: Farming and Leveling Guide for Levels 1-40, then this would make more sense to you, if not, just read the notice below.I was not yet able to compute their NPC Value Yet, but I’ll assure you I can finish it tomorrow. No Aspersio, so requires 2 BB hits. You can cast Provoke on the high DEF guys and sweep the rest along with your Bowling Bash. Same build but with +8 Triple Force Sabre on a Violy. You can kill hordes of monsters with it, as long as you have in mind that: Stats are AGI and DEX, rest to LUK. Headgear: any would do here. The most important thing is to be able to do area damage pretty fast. The problem in Geffenia isn't killing the monsters fast (with that AGI and DEX you spam your BBs faster than the Ice Pick guy), but finding them; so having to hit 2 or 3 times isn't really too much of an issue. Once the monster attacks them, the monster is theirs. SVD[ str vit dex ] which give … Consider using similar tactics as Spiral Pierce Lord Knight above, but you don't have area attacks. Uses 4 Santa Poring Cards, Falcon Muffler combo and Thief Ring with Cold Heart combo. Armour: as the upper headgear, you got 2 options here, depending if you're looking for survival or damage, or you can swap both. This is a sample build: This build takes advantage of one of the Paladin's skills, the Holy Cross. Lower Headgear: ATK or damage raising stuff. Don't forget that, unlike Lord Knight, Paladins have some decent shield skills, like Autoguard, Defender and Shield Reflect, that can cover you better. Celebration Ring: this should be the default accesory. As stated before, both builds share the same gears. Best is using a Dragon Vest, to combine it with Dragon Manteau for garment. Soloing in Geffenia can be pretty hard. You want to save up on those Grape Juices, mostly because of the weight. These are the maps: You start in one of them, randomly, once you enter the portal it opens. Geffenia 03 map has the most Incubi of all of them. To save on that DEX, you can get Phreeoni Card or Queen Scaraba Card to get some Hit. Each item has a base recovery, a random minimum and maximum value. Pierces DEF, damage is pretty high and you can put elemental properties to it if you want. Here comes Stormy Knight, here comes Stormy Knight, Right down Stormy Knight … You will see it on the Item Script as://[itemheal rand(min,max),0;], [], []//. Stuff that raises LUK, like Rose of Crimson, also works. In case of Triple Attack and Aspersio build, you might want some ASPD, so Doppelganger Card is another card you might want to consider. Consider getting Skin of Ventoss or Dragon Vest/Manteau. Remember that this class is also open to buffing yourself if you don't have a Priest. Don't be afraid of spending money, Maximum Overthrust should be used if possible, it will make your farming faster. Doppelganger Cards, to max your ASPD. Celebration Rings are good choices due to versatility. Dual Dagger full geared build with STR, AGI and DEX. Features Overview TalonRO is a completely unique experience with features that will excite you! Use a Hell Poodle when needed to spam meats. Meteor Assault builds are better for this. Get enough Flee to feel comfortable rather than focusing on damage. Damage increasing cards. (Hirap ng buhay pari asa sa party palagi, tapos wala namang magandang loots sa Anubis hehe.) How to use this guide for those who doesn’t read: Boss type monster too. Shield: pick either Golden Thief Bug Carded shield or Tirfing or Hodremlin Carded one. The expensive one, with DTT Sherwood Bow. If you're going to be Cloaked a lot (you will), it's good to have Fast Move. Deviling carded Dragon Manteau to utilize set effects. There are a few variants for this build. You need to find a way of piercing that DEF or MDEF by: Now, if you're using Hit and Run tactics, there isn't much to say, just lure the Demon races to some safe place, and apply your method. Paladins got a few tricks in their sleeve when dealing this place. They are also Demihuman and Neutral, and should be taken care using the same means as Vanberks. Geffenia isn't an easy place. Shield: pick a damage reduction card with your favourite shield. I will use the iRO designation, as Sacrifice sometimes gets confused with Devotion due to iRO calling that skill Sacrifice (sigh). Needs Gloom Under Night to one shot, plus to use Provoke. Armour: Gloom Under Night Card to one-shot, Bathory if you prefer to be able to avoid magic. Armour: Evil Druid Card to avoid status ailments while having low VIT. Map 1 connects to the 4th one. Always keep in mind that you can boost your stats, like STR and DEX in a cheap way with Lutie Lady's Pancakes and Green Salads. Skills: skills live Investigate or Spiral Pierce either do special damage to high DEF monsters or plain ignore the DEF. Stalker with Bowling Bash, Aspersio and Priest buffs (Blessing and Increase AGI). I'm trying to avoid SQI grade stuff (except Sleipnir) if possible. Cart Termination Whitesmith: this would be a basic gear set. Armour: Gloom Under Night Card is needed to one or two shot. Lord Knight with Brocca and Tirfing, uses Bathory too to avoid the magic and HP sucking. The Brocca is a weapon that pierces enemy DEF, like that. Best thing is to walk away, bad luck, mate. Hell Poodle to spam meats. Best bonus for this class is ASPD, but Crit or STR are good too. This class is squishier than Knights, so don't let them get close to you, or you're pretty much dead. 3500 z at NPC without OC. Plus Incubus and Succubus drop theirs (they aren't bad), plus Soul Staff from Succubus, but those won't be your main objective here, if you're looking for plain greedy and fast money. Archers in this place need to be careful, killing everything and "securing" areas before stepping in. No Improve Dodge Pros: 1. STR increasing things are good, but you prefer the AGI/Flee. Lord Knight with Quadruple Force Katana, full gears and 2 Mantis Rings. You need it to make the Feather Beret, and that's a frequent headgear at Vanilla WoE and PVP. Don't panic, you got 20k HP, Deviling and Golden Thief Bug with you, plus 284 Flee (it would let you handle 4 monsters without issues). Armour: Bathory, or if you feel like risking a bit to kill faster, Gloom Under Night Card. Cheapest variant: 4 Santa Poring Carded Composite Bow, Sting Gloves, Gargoyle/Moonlight Flower Carded footgear. Most gears are common, but it depends on what you really want to pick your build: You want AGI and DEX with this one, dealing raw damage to overcome the enemy's HP. Server - TalonRo More useful info here https://bit.ly/2IJvjyd Being a Lord Knight, they gain vastly improved offensive capabilities and some defensive ca… The place is also good for this class as they are pretty slow. Frilldora Card is good to bring the enemies to a wall, kill what you need and disappear from that place. Do note that Burning Crown is not yet present in the calculator, so a second Kaho card is placed instead: Level 65 Lord Knight with no STR; Tournament Shield Combo This is similar to the build above, but uses a one shot skill, Shield Chain. Geffenia 02 and Geffenia 03 maps have more Mini Demons (30) than the rest (20). The bigger the mob, the more chances to trigger DEF pierce when you hit. Thanatos Cards might be an option, but you lose Flee. Violet Fear Lord Knight build, don't forget to click on the "Ignore the DEF" effect on the lower part of the calc to see the real damage. The loots are pretty good (Oridecons, Eluniums, interesting gears, the card), and if you have the proper elements (Shadow Property 4), it shouldn't be difficult to kill (Grand Cross works wonders against this), but it isn't your main target here. Boss protocol, high DEF, high HP, Undead 4 Property and a pain in the ass. Even if they can dodge, they still lack enough Flee to take care of a mob (making the mob, not tanking it outright); moreover when you have Violies hitting you, as they don't move from their position. 75% Upvoted. Suprisingly enough, the knight is a very flexible class and there are a dozen variations to its stat and skill builds but we will only be focusing on the general build outline. The latest action of the monster you just intimidated has been following the other player (and attacking him). Lower Headgear: standard choices, they raise either ATK or damage. That can be done in different ways: As for support characters, consider these classes: Just for the record; this guide will try to use non-buffed builds if possible. Lord Knights are the Transcendent variants of Knights. Same as Executioner above, but it has a higher level and Dark Property 4, making it resistant to all sorts of magic and elemental attacks that aren't holy. In fact, go with this by default. Morrigane set combo, with Mobster Cards. This is the damage you deal when Bowling Bashing a Succubus with these gears and a suggested stat build: From 3 Bowling Bash hits (using Gloom Under Night Card) you go to 2. Bloody Runes and White Masks fetch a decent price at NPC, so get them. You can ditch Gloom Under Night, as you will always require 2 hits. If things get too hot, you can always use Frilldora and pull all that extra monsters away from you. Gears to use with this: So, this goes like this: teleport, look for target/s, kill whatever you need, greed, teleport out. A suggestion would be starting with a Brocca build to see how you can handle the place. Of course, Sleipnir are better. Fake Angels: as said above, these guys are Holy property, meaning that if you're using Aspersio or a Holy weapon, you're screwed. Remember that you have to finish the quest and enter the dungeon at least once to activate it for the rest of the characters in that account. Eddga isn't bad if you want to walk around with Defender without being bothered by those pesky Violies. Armour: as the upper headgear, you got 2 options here, depending if you're looking for survival or damage. This is a list of gears to consider getting: The drawback of this variant is that you have to pick your enemies. There are multiple builds for this class. Celebration Rings as default, it's nice to have all these bonuses. Remember to use Provoke first before using Shield Boomerang, you need that DEF reduced. Ok, now it's time to talk about the place. You need to do a quest: save. Lord Knight Farming. Garment: Deviling Card. If you feel like getting the last Turtle General Card, it will be 2 hits. These builds are similar, but with some differences in their way of working. Has no SQI grade stuff, but uses Celebration Rings, GEC, Deviling and Excalibur. You can get a Brocca from Reward Guru for 10 TCs. AGI and DEX are main stats. But what do people want from them? Frilldora Card if you need Cloaking, sometimes it might save your life. Ice Pick Lord Knight: how to one-shot a Succubus without Megingjard. I'll be straight: you just have Kill Stealed that guy. Lower Headgear: Samurai Mask/Rock Replica, Pirate Dagger, Iron Cain, Pussy Cat Bell. Mace build with 2x Santa Poring Card, 1x Strouf Card, 1x Skeleton Worker Card, similar to Kaleet build. Thanks! You can consider using Rogue Spirit from Soul Linkers to get the bonuses, they are pretty nice. Footgear: General Egnigem Cenia Carded footgear, Mysteltainn Carded footgear, Moonlight Flower Carded footgear. You should consider if you're going for hit and run tactics or mobbing/resistance tactics. Garment: Deviling Card is the most common, but as you'll need the Flee too, you might consider putting it on a Skin of Ventoss or Dragon Manteau. Soul Breaker: another cheap build, 1 hit SBK using Thief's Ring + Celeb Ring, Soul Breaker: another cheap build, 1 hit SBK using 2 Thief's Rings and Mysteltainn Footgear, Meteor Assault: cheapest build with Aspersio and buffs. The difference is in this two hand sword: What's all the fuss? After consulting with a GM, he confirmed that it shouldn't work like that and that it will be fixed. Check out the Provoke build later on. Lower Headgear: stuff that increase STR or ATK, don't bother with damage increasing gears. VIT helps a lot, you want VIT, heaps of VIT, tons of VIT. By the way, to get +5 DEX food to use here (Green Salad), refer to this guide: Merchant classes can fare pretty well in Geffenia, as long as you're ready to pay the price (in some cases). Armour: Gloom Under Night Card; with Holy Robe (check Priest options), you can reduce the pain from those attacks but you get an armour that is too specialized. It also has Strip Armor. Dual Dagger build, low budget one. Green Salads are fairly cheap considering the money you earn here and the time they last. It's more expensive. See that she has more DEX, so reaches higher damage, but you need to use Moonlight Flower Card instead of Mysteltainn Card. All of the maps are connected sequentially, so Geffenia 03 is connected to Geffenia 02 and Geffenia 04, and like that. Ragnarok Online Lord Knight skill effect and description. Thief classes are the most used classes here, they usually use Hit and Run tactics, focusing on Succubi and Incubi by luring them through Cloaking/Chase Walk skills. Garment: there are multiple choices here. The thing is that due to the nature of the bonus (autobonus) it works on skills, so you can trigger the ability with Bowling Bash. You got Double Strafe if you need it, good to take care of a pesky Violy. Each hit deals damage based on your total HP and the skill level. Spiral Pierce Lord Knight with 2 Doppelganger and 1 Turtle General. Sure, you get Rough Winds, but the monster doesn't deserve the attention needed. The drawback is that well, it doesn't have the power of a Soul Breaker. Composite Bow with damage increasing cards. Other option is switching Bloody Knight Card for Stormy Knight Card. Be careful with Dark Priests, they are Boss type, so they can see you when hidden. Shield Chain Paladin with 4 Turtle General Carded Mace and +4 Aegis. You need to dodge Violys, False Angels, Abysmal Knights and others, as they don't get damaged by your Magnus Exorcismus. No Aspersio, 2 shots. Best is using a Dragon Vest, to combine it with Dragon Manteau for garment. One shots without Aspersio. With the Brocca build above, one of the few builds that will let you kill everything in that map at your leisure without having to use Cloaking/Chase Walk. Sure, it will be slow. The tactics are the same as in the Shield Boomerang build above, you can just enable all the skills (Defender and Autoguard, use Shield Reflect if you need that extra damage). Don't forget Green Potions for those pesky Lex Divinas. Stalker with plagiarized Aspersio, no buffs. Garment: Deviling Card. Soul Ring - combat headgear: you gather mobs with Soul Ring on, but before the killing, swap to Vanberk headgear/Kahos. You can't stop in a spot, and you need to manage those mobs, mainly the Violies and Abysmal Knights. Other thing: as you can see, this guide uses the names of transcended classes (where it applies) and maxed level builds. Your Flee should do the job, but you never know. Holy Marching Hat is good if you don't have Kahos and rely on normal attacks to kill stuff. Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest. Double Strafing Sniper, AGI and DEX build, uses Lord Kaho's Horn, DTTT Composite Bow, Dragon Vest and Manteau set and General Egnigem Cenia shoes. These girls are pretty static and shoot pretty fast, so if you want to mob here, you need to use them as centers. Holy Marching Hat, if you don't have Kahos, this is a good way of increasing your damage as your weapon will be Holy Property. One of the main advantages of this class is the skill called Greed, allowing you to gather your loots fast. Best bonuses are STR, AGI, Flee or ASPD. A bit more zeny invested here. This class relies on dealing criticals, rather than hitting normally. People come here usually to get the Bloody Runes, White Masks and Will of the Darkness (apart from the cards); plus it's the only place to get a Ring. Price as rings. While they arent very dangerous on their own, a group of 4 or 5 LKs in WoE can be devastating. The disadvantage is that you can't hide, so you need a build that can handle damage and do some switching between Gloom Under Night and Evil Druid/Bathory Cards. 4 hits to kill a Succubus, 2 with DEF pierce. Support Priests/Tanks can get a decent Demon resistance with Kurobuku, 2 Permeters, Holy Robe (without slotting, they aren't "too" expensive) and Khalitzburg/Divine Cross set. Accesories: 2 Hell Poodle Carded accesories, you need the recovery and to spam meats.

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