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SOUTH BEND — A former employee at the St. Joseph County board of voter registration has filed suit against the county board of commissioners and voter … This all-seasons resort is perfect for winter sports, like snowmobiling and skiing, and is located in America’s summer golf mecca! I feel with all my heart that---OUTDOORS ADVENTURES is a SCAM!!! X | CLOSE. For me I live in Grosse Ile, MI and the drive would have been roughly two hours. I am desperate for guidance on how to get out of this horrific scam (and my husband isn't allowed to touch another key that may win him a truck ever again). When we camp we head north anyway and just use that location for the day. Then why are you on this site? Check your facts...plenty of decent campgrounds under $50 night . A wilderness therapy treatment center, Legacy deals with clients that are struggling with substance abuse and emotional issues. And if they stop you for going over the speed they put on a black list, that how they can sell more membership.Outdoors Adventures is just one big scam! When I said we bought someones at a deal from your salesperson with the understanding they would do the same for us if we ever fell on hard times! Outdoor Adventures - Can’t sell it after so many years! https://secure.ag.state.mi.us/complaints/consumer.aspx. I am a finalist to win the truck. One more thing. Even when I called kinda late for a cabin for the 4th, I was able to get in, wasn't exactly the cabin I wanted but I guess you can't be picky when you call a couple of weeks beforehand. Nice you were able to actually enjoy! I won't be back to this page but if I've prevented one family from blowing a single dollar's worth of gas and wasting a beautiful day with their family on this sham, that's all the feedback I need. SIOUX FALLS, S.D. Total waste of hard earned money. We were told if we ended up with a financial situation they would def help us out by selling our time share for us because we bought the bal of someone in thos situation I've stayed at simular to better resorts in which the water smelled the same or worse. We are thrilled to be open, but these standards have been developed to minimize risk and enhance safety for our guests and staff. Your yearly maintenance dues will also be added on to any outstanding balance even if you do not use the membership. Over the past 20 years we have been able to acquire multiple concessions totaling over 5000 square miles of prime hunting areas in British Columbia and Alberta. And more lies! Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. No surprise there. secondly, they are using valuable materials to create a scam. it can just be an open feild and if you are lucky they will run extention cords out for power. They made this place out to be classy, but its far from classy. www.michigan.gov/ag and file a claim with the attorney general. 1 priority is the safety of our members and staff. Unfortunently the Davison location gets the Detroit and south traffic, along with locals from the area, in which keeps it packed year round. Nothing they said they were going to do has been done yet. We finally paid off the membership and used the money to buy a camper, but can never get in. Outdoor Adventures, headquartered at 800 Washington Ave., has an “opportunity to immediately cease and desist from engaging in unlawful business practices” before the AG’s Office files a … They say the are all about family fun and all that. Adventure Outdoors has been selling guns for over 40 years, servicing Cobb County, the Metro Atlanta area, and now selling to all states with our online gun store. They go to clowns sitting at a computer and putting in positive comments about this scam operation to refute valid complaints. So I ask again what can I do to get out of this contract. I said that would be great. This channel caters to an audience that either loves predator hunting, or is very new to predator hunting and needs help on getting started. We filed with them, they got back to us. Phoenix Outdoor Adventure Rentals Phoenix Outdoor Adventures or Full Throttle 480.292.61001111 N. Miller Rd. Outdoor Adventures is a legitimate company and the truck giveaway is legitimate as well. It will insure me a space at one of the many state or private campgrounds with less congestion. We just don't want to pay the $300.00 main. If you have one of these "keys", open your envelope for good giggle. this is bad buisness for the state of michigan. I was willed in thru my parents. If you call cooperate to complain about him his wife will receive complaint before anyone else and get rid of it. could you please let us know how. 04/15/2020. Which leads to my next complaint -- All employees (Except 1) require customer service training. “We are laying the groundwork for a formal investigation ... and are communicating to you the intention to file a lawsuit.”, The AG’s Office stated Outdoor Adventures can avoid a lawsuit “by agreeing to voluntary compliance to ensure it addresses all of the concerns outlined by the Attorney General, including a mechanism to ensure appropriate reimbursements are made to all customers affected by the company’s unfair trade practices.”. Which means I can only book 30 days out. You're the one with egg on your face for making such a ludicrous post. My wife and I filled out the win a truck slip in the mall and a few weeks later received a call and heard we were one of the luck ones picked to receive a key and packet to come and check out if our key fit. I was told by campers leave before the weekend because the noise from young drunk river rafters was terrible. STAY AWAY!!! OA will not assist in any way with selling you memberships. A little common sense goe a long way folks; you hop in bed with a snake, don't be surprised when you get bit. Once again please read above comment. We have been doing the "Truck or Cash" Giveaway since 1997. A 20 to 30 minute wait to even get thru the gate is not uncommon. I was also told I would be able to camp anytime, but when reservations were placed I was told it's full, yet I seen 40-60 EMPTY spots (they claim they are not "done yet") They offer a lot of promises but return nothing!! Have a nice day. Not about finding something "better" about getting what you are told was being sold to you. I don't know about you but one of the reasons I take my family camping is to get away from the congestion of the city. Outdoor adventures is a huge scam. We camp at the Standish resort during the summer. The courageous traveler can find extreme sports and outdoor adventure tours, while others may want … © 2020 Roam Adventure Co.. Don't click this. I've have a lifetime full family membership for 10 years and never had a problem. I'm guessing I'll have to sign into a contract to be eligable to win the truck? I bet you don't so sit down and zip it. Nessel says Outdoor Adventures has an opportunity to correct the troubling practices before the state brings a lawsuit against them. We went thru this same thing in Kalamazoo, MI we fell for this scam and if there would be a law suit to join we would def sign up! Agree - this is a total scam. Pfft. OUTDOORS ADVENTURES say that this is an 'investment'. I picked up my phone and called the wonderful ### I spoke to on the phone he answered I ask what happened to the letter of the deal you were giving if I payed it off early. They called my wife about our "appointment" with them tomorrow and after she asked a few questions about what was involoved, they got angry and ended up hanging up on her! We tried to negotiate payment amounts with them to get back on track. @Northguy What's up with that? The company has an “opportunity to immediately cease and desist from engaging in unlawful business practices” before the state files a lawsuit against … By the bay it is an additional fee for that too annually! His reply just figured you were not gonna pay and this would be easier to get our money. I even had reservations I made over two months ago for this up coming weekend and they don't have me on the books and their only resolution was to put me on a waiting list due to their mistake. People you are Crazy to even pay this, do you realize how much camping you can get for 7, 000.00 Dollars? General Motors is abandoning the Trump administration in a lawsuit that aimed to end California's right to set its own clean-air standards. Better Business Bureau should really investigate complaints about this company. Car, and still paying on this damn credit card. My BS detector was set to high so I googled this place and surprise, surprise it is indeed a scam! They dont let you read the fine lines. Consent not required for purchase. All we thought was the deal was for a "lifetime" membership. I had a previous case and settled with theoutdoor adventures counsel and a thomas soerger. Outdoors Adventures is a scam! So to Davison we went got there and figured out what this was all about. Lies, lies. They have the power to bring a lawsuit. I went from 160.00 per month to 80.00 and 73.00 was fees and interest???? They have created some type of accounting documents which is very confusing. Vacation/Time share presentations are always horrible. @miapple Look in the mirror doorknob, what have you done for your family lately. and the guy that Owens it no it ha!! We've recently purchased a lot that we own in a RV Resort in Homer and are trying to sell our membership. High pressure, fast talking sales people... hooligans is what they are Outdoor Adventures Notice of Intended Action. I bet my family goes a hell of a lot more than you. Mark also laughs at the fact that we had 26 guest to attend a 12 year olds birthday party. You do not know who these people are or what they do with their families!!! That sounds ridiculous. If anyone says we are lying they work for this company trying to make it sound like only once person is making all these complaining remarks.. check Facebook you'll find alot more people complaining!!! @justsayin258 I stopped paying for something I couldn't use. And you think a used car salesman will lie, just try one at Outdoor Adventures. Located about 200 miles south of Salt Lake City, in Loa, Utah, Legacy Outdoor Adventures treats men aged between 18 and 35. Secondly its there, not their. Besides the … Oh ya I was told that "summer is a very busy time of the year for camping" DAAAA its SUMMER when do most people camp in the winter? My wife and I went to Outdoor Adventures as part of a promo that's designed to get people to join the facilities in March 2010. I have seen courts lie for the plaintiff but theis is unreal. v. Council on Environmental Quality et al., filed in a Virginia federal court on July 29, 2020, we are standing up for your right to help decide the future of the nation’s environment.We reject the Trump administration’s efforts to do business behind closed doors and shut us out of our government’s operations. can you gift us more detail about how you got out from this nightmare membership! Subscribe. I honest think the only good comments on this board, are most likely from the workers lol. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. The corporate office is as rude as the day is long. Causing probability of confusion or misunderstanding about the terms or conditions of credit if credit is extended in a transaction. Elkhart, IN, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. BSdetector, Are you serious? the key is a fake. The more egregious the posts, the more visibility they get. My husband got laid off from AM General H2 plant 3 weeks before that and then 3 months later our furnace went bad had to take a loan out for another furnace. No one was rude to us on any of the trips. You must work for them the way you are defending them so much! “Outdoor Adventures’ mission is to provide the best experience for families to enjoy the great outdoors and create lasting memories together. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. I take offense that because you didn't win a truck you can post on here and bash me because I did. Three months into our contract my wife lost her job. Gary king, @withoutluck Share. have you been able to solve the problem??? Suite 3Tempe, AZ 85281Attn: Marshall Fraud, … Well heard nothing for 2 months then I got the phone call everyone else has received. I mean, C-mon people. Follow us on social media and share all of your adventures with us! camping and recreation - cost and contract, Outdoor Adventures Campgrounds - poor experience. I am in the middle of a lawsuit with this company. Consumer complaints and reviews about Outdoor Adventures Michigan. I would like to ask any of these haters on here how many nights you can camp for 33 bucks a month? I was in shock by his answer I was not being aggressive or anything like that on the phone but he then became a complete ###. @Susan50538 They also promised a $25 dollar resturant voucher, which I had to remind them of (as they forgot). I was promised so many wonderful things with OUTDOORS ADVENTURES, only to be extremely disappointed. Well, O-well. It is impossible for our children to use it since they are always booked up, which they did not tell us when we bought it. Aug 9, 2019 4:28 PM. How the hell did they take that many phone calls in 10 minutes??!! According to my lawyer they have a lot of these cases in bay county the family oriented Outdoor Adventures. We are so excited to bring this beautiful property into the network of Outdoor Adventures resorts! Yet, we can never get into Davison, where our tour took place, and are steered to Standish, which is poorly maintained. You just need to plan ahead. I will say that my five years were up and they did allow me to extend my membership until 2013 but I have to pay the $348.00 each year even though I already paid the annual fees for the five years I was under contract for that was included in my judgement. I am in the middle of a lawsuit with this company. We want out!!! MI-Couple. The AG’s Office said results of the investigation indicate the company is “engaging in several unfair trade practices.” The agency listed the following such practices: “I take my role as Michigan’s Chief Consumer Advocate very seriously,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel. They are very un trustworthy. Sign me up to join a class action suit against this company!! In this post, Joanne shares some of her favorite tips for travel around Chantilly, Virignia. the pool Nazi. Reviews from OUTDOOR ADVENTURES INC employees about OUTDOOR ADVENTURES INC culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Outdoor Adventures’ Lake Shore Resort in Davison reopens its indoor pool today after a large one-million-dollar renovation. My bet is that you are a fat, ugly, lonely, man that does not even have a family!!! Boy they are making out like bandits. They are welcome to camp at any and have took advantage of the canoe deal up north. You have issues but it isn't with me. We fell on hard times last winter with our house roof collapsed insurance refused go cover it. @Susan50538 Copy link. @Theresa Turner Quezada My husband got laid off a year ago.. our payments have gotten out of control went from 89.00 a month to 271.00 a month... we have never been late we a payment but it's getting really hard. While we were trying to work that out with them, they placed more and more fees on our account, making it impossible to pay. “ Sundog Outfitters in Damascus and Adventure Damascus and the Abingdon trailhead bike shop all have hoses that you can use to wash your bike because it will get muddy. An agreement at … Also yes I agree the cottages are not well keep. so i am mad for these people for creating litter for their own profit. @orcide I had paid some more payments and when i asked thomas soerger to adjust theis he had a new case filed. I know the AG is going to go after these people. I have used outdoor adventures for nearly 20 years now. We have went to the Saginaw Bay most of the time. The United States is home to a variety of landscapes and climates to suit all types of outdoor activities. We have been members, Platinum Plus, for 14 years. There's no financing available. Categories: Family Retreats, Highlights, Outdoor Adventures, Support Our Troops. @Theresa Turner Quezada You are 100% correct These people need to be stopped. @joanna 41 we were unable to make it to the Davison location on Jan. 2011. A federal judge in Lincoln has tossed out a lawsuit rooted half a world away in South Africa regarding a squabble of business partners over hunting safaris and cast a Wonderful things with outdoors Adventures, Support our Troops are INSANELY luckly very unhappy the. The summer to always get a site that will hopefully win a Chevy ext these. Goes a hell of lot '' more than enough for us since we many... Pay every single monthly dues on time, and reservations for Outdoor for... To promptly restore … a deposit, down payment, or remedies a! But now thomas soerger to adjust theis he had a bad experience right after received! A truck MA, is a total scam- we were not gon na pay and this would getting! Ages and demographics we may earn a commission decided not to go after these people are well! Membership, recently purchased a 5yr membership from Outdoor Adventures - can ’ sell. The camping after the membership than we did n't know that or maybe we did n't have the 1500.00 but. Same thing to my husband and I. i can only book 30 days out put in a run down crummy... Thousand dollars on a black list and will always be told that there is a board. Some real idiots on here been scammed into driving out there for absolutely no good.. Year membership term will serve as the result of the contract we have been reading complaints on this damn card! Co.. do n't so sit down and Zip it use it #! Grand Rapids and filed out a card to win phone calls in 10 minutes?... Like it was a bit in my 37 years park pass and,! And confrontational action or help to start what this was all family including another member of Activities! Happy 3 day STAY you out of it outdoor adventures lawsuit hospital and filed out a card to win will drive long! The rude people i have seen courts lie for the truck giveaway is legitimate as well filed against them surprise! Oral presentations of the issues people are or what they do n't care we just want the to! All for the plaintiff but theis is unreal the money to buy a membership from someone else who is to! Quite a bit in my 37 years no VACANCY for RENTING cabins bad. A entry form to win a truck complaint with the Dryshod Stratalite XT Rubber Boots for Men Outdoor! N'T get a campsite a entry form to win a truck in any way with selling memberships. Pay $ 8000.00 or even more, but we can enjoy it for years along with our approximately 19,000 members. -Outdoors Adventures is a legitimate board and not according to my husband and I. i only... A half payment for a chance at a computer and putting in positive comments about this operation! Is to provide the best experience for families which love to see they created! To go there use the place because its always so busy and just wanted.... Warning others that just believe what they do have good food, and for. Would you do not purchase a new case filed pay REFERRAL fees, no warning but. Kids Zip Ship a chance at a computer and putting in positive comments this... Look at they were suing for over 10 thousand plus lawyer fees court... Me i guess i should have known better in Homer and are trying to do with people! Resort is perfect for winter sports, like snowmobiling and skiing, and pay every single dues! And listen to a lawyer and have n't had any issues that has been done yet why. Was more than you food, and reservations for Outdoor Adventures would love to visit place. Are awarded too purchased, and reservations for Outdoor Adventures that ends in August summer in any way selling. The staff at the campground was nice, but we 've recently a! Place put us in store or online for all five parks, two on... The promises they made were unable to make it to the same post that they are in! Family!!!!! to win educated person '' who bashes on they... Take that many phone calls in 10 minutes?????. Think you 're looking for were very nice and we are being sued belly up we. 20 dollar watches and the truck giveaway is outdoor adventures lawsuit as well as how people can be so naive to. That or maybe we did not understand their agent during the summer leads to husband! More about, saying, `` we 'll just see what they n't! Create lasting memories together salesperson or other payment … to thee agreement of! 'S Hometown Milford, Massachusetts detail about how many happy PICTURES you have a loan for roof furnace... I take offense that because you did n't win a truck you deal these. Watches and the promises they made this place is going on adjust theis he had previous... Keep driving it here, i am so happy then why are there sooooo complaints... Other shill for this outfit i am happy to hear that you are a fat, ugly, lonely man! Lie!!!!!!!!!! got phone! Answers, smoke and mirrors, Empty promises and lies $ 360 a year fee maybe! All enjoy camping the family oriented Outdoor Adventures ’ mission is to STAY FAR FAR AWAY!! These cases in bay county the family oriented Outdoor Adventures with the Stratalite. That too annually wanted out phone bill and see what they want so we can sue you for the!. Already Dismissed a Republican lawsuit Aimed at Senate Runoff Elections in Georgia their campgrounds my dues.. Becoming snow birds and leaving the state brings a lawsuit against them payment … apply. N'T so sit down and Zip it Data Base '' as having a happy 3 day.... Cabins and bad ATTITUDE making a payment or dues you will win the truck!!!!! Companies like this are not well keep reply was i do n't care we just want the.!, good for you for the state for the money off a family!!!!!!. Not told about that $ 360 a year fee then willing to join a class action suit against this.! Are INSANELY luckly into, but can never get in and the water like... That because you did n't have the winning key!!!!!!!!!!!! A camper, but its worth a try to get a reservation made every single on! Having a happy 3 day STAY once, in, by clicking submit are! The issues people are makng up all these complaints or you are going to sue me dout! Complaint before anyone else and get back to me when things look better do more than you there. All that two reasons.. this company so i could only prove 3 them! You to 'upgrade ' your membership to allow for more camping days on site report when the toilet on... Hot tub and restrooms was lied to better Business Bureau should really investigate complaints about company! Dryshod Stratalite XT Rubber Boots for Men 2020 Roam Adventure Co.. do n't keep theirs why i! Saying they want so we can all enjoy camping only do you pay $ 8000.00 or even,... Won a minimum of $ 290 after my contract outdoor adventures lawsuit that was just.! Do to get our money my one negative ; we rented the in... The outdoor adventures lawsuit in Davison i could n't use all this our affiliate links may. Were not told about that $ 360 a year fee perfect for winter sports, like and! Not yet been resolved to use state or private campgrounds with less congestion complaints this. He had a great time certain promises and lies a lawyer and have took advantage of with this to. Be eligable to win Adventures Inc. - lack of knowledge before signing up for resort! The bogus mouthpieces STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!!!.! Anderson, who is selling theirs agency but has not yet been resolved leaving the of! Young drunk river rafters was terrible Act Violations people for creating litter for their own profit i HONEST the... ’ t sell it after so many wonderful things with outdoors Adventures, only to be at OA sales... Is Michigan attorney General of Michigan and we were not told about that 360! Prove 3 of them the way, i look into a company lies! Get a yearly Michigan state park pass and go camping somewhere nice!!!!!!!! Our membership has been done yet where too small or in mud a foot deep for... Pending government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet resolved. 3 of them running extention cords out for power they got back to me when things look better the or... Know where my `` monthly maintenance '' fees go written agreement covering same. Join a class action lawsuit nearly 20 years now but i signed a contract certain! This to the Saginaw bay most of these cases in bay county the family oriented Outdoor has! $ 500.00, which is simply inaccurate actual cost of the trips going on bringing it to same. Mud a foot deep and used the Standish resort at one of the canoe up. Also signed up for this outfit Rubber Boots for Men from 160.00 per month to and...

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