chocolate bundt cake with filling

Fill halfway with chocolate, then spoon in the cheesecake filling and top with chocolate batter. Oh yeah. This recipe was specifically developed for a bundt pan, so I’m not sure if or how another size & shape of pan will work. Hey, it looks like we are eating cheese burst cake. It was impossible for me to not let that amount of filling get to the edges. These pictures depicting this cake are deceiving if you decide to follow the actual baking instructions provided for this cake. I jumped to the recipe and clicked on print. Hi Kait, this recipe really isn’t very complicated! In the picture, there’s a nice portion of cheesecake. It was very odd, but I do want to attempt it again. Sorry, but the cheese filling part was annoying as hell you could’ve suggested a piping bag which is what I think you used..and the measurements feel like they are way too much???. Thank you Tessa for a wonderful recipe!! Hi tessa! And the smell! Bake at 325°F for 45 minutes. I just got the items need to make it and was wondering how to make the cheesecake filling Khalua flavored? This is the exact bundt pan I used: Looks tasty ! Thank you for your blog. And i noticed the cake kind of hollow inside. Mine stuck on and left half in the pan. Put the marshmallow creme mixture into a piping bag fitted with a long thin r… Not to mention I don’t do boring simple cakes. Smells good. I remember being a kid and my parents ordering the occasional fast food “family meal” that always seemed to come with a bundt cake as a dessert. I’m not sure, Melanie. Did not have problem with the cheese filling. Coconut Cream Pudding Cake {Tunnel Cake Chocolate Bundt Recipe} What do I add instead of Espresso or Coffee? I love all of your recipes .. 1…spray the pan well and then powder it with flour or cocoa powder.. It really is delicious as well as beautiful and I will definitely make it again. I tried making this cake the other day and I think the batter was way too much for my bundt pan.. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions! I was worried about some of the issues others were having, but I took a chance on this. Hi, Pam! I sprayed pan both times really good, please help! It took longer than 20 minutes to prepare. A dense chocolate bundt cake with a creamy coconut filling in the center. Cons: None! I will definitely be trying your other recipes. Should I go ahead and glaze it tonight or wait until tomorrow afternoon? I reduced about 1/2 cup of the sugar as we don’t really like too sweet. Definitely my kind of surprise love the chocolate glaze too! Also, will it ok to be made ahead of time? I absolutely love baking. Spoon the peanut butter filling into the well. Design by Weller Smith Design     Privacy Policies. I swirled some cherry preserves into the cheesecake to add a little extra pizzazz. Thank you for the recipe! I made this cake today and it’s so beautiful and taste great even thou you can’t really taste the cream cheese, so my advise is double the CC. Mine is in the oven, so can’t comment on the final results, but if you want to lay your filling in prettily, put it in a ziplock bag and cut the corner off, so you can pipe it in, exactly where you want it to be, like a cake decorator does. I love to write about all things sweet, carb-y, and homemade. I made a well with the small spoon all the way around the pan. This cake is really good. The glaze was very runny as well. And you know what? Some came out then more came out then half the cheesecake came out… What a lame recipe. Pour the remaining batter of the filling. It definitely had to bake longer than 50 minutes. Thanks! I baked this cake tonight (Christmas Eve). I used a tube pan since I didn’t have a Bundt pan, and cooked it a little longer (15 mins) but it is absolutely delicious!! Both times following your directions. I didn’t have cocoa powder so I used an entire bag of semisweet chocolate instead, worked out amazingly. Spoon filling in a ring so that it does not touch the sides of the pan. This is the story of how you can make a delicious, fudge-filled chocolate You have to let the cake cool longer than 10 minutes more like 20 minutes before turning over on a plate. I go over the top, like stuffing a cake with cream cheese and drenching it in the thickest, fudgiest glaze possible. But in my cake, the cheesecake portion is maybe half as thick as in the picture. This was my Hubby’s favorite. I am going to serve it tomorrow evening at my dinner party. Pour half of the cake batter on the bottom of bundt pan. I also had the issue with there being more cake than pan, and it baked for about 75 minutes, but it came out well, and it was done all the way through. Thanks for this great recipe. Just made this last weekend and it was outstanding! This cake was a hit for my daughter’s tenth birthday. Thank you. I read a few of the comments, so didn’t put all of the batter in my pan…just eyeballed it and it came out perfect. I used my original bundt pan from the 70’s and it also ran over. Suggestions. For a 10 cup Bundt pan, bake it 60-65 minutes. He is not a fan of sweets, so it is always a challenge to find a good cake recipe. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration … Have a wonderful holiday season!!! Transfer about 2/3 of the batter to prepared bundt pan, spreading evenly. I did manage to figure it out. I made this for a coworker’s birthday. Kudos yo you for the amazing recipe. Even learn how to customize your own recipes! Bring the remaining 1/3 cup cream to a boil in a small saucepan, then pour over the chips. Or is it maybe because i put the cheesecake filling in fridge before? Dec 24, 2015 - Explore Jessie Calhoun's board "CHOCOLATE: Bundt Cake", followed by 488 people on Pinterest. I just baked this cake for my husband’s birthday. This time i baked it and turned it out after 10 minutes like the recipe states and it still cracked and could not be used. Pour 2/3 of the batter into the bundt pan. The only problem I had though, was when I removed the bunt pan from the oven for the cake to cool, the cake collapsed a little bit. How can I prevent this from happening? Let cool to room temperature. My oven is very reliable and operates at the correct temperature, I had the cake on the center rack. What lovely flavors MasterRusk. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the oven timer on and baked it a tich too long, so it was a bit on the dry side (totally my fault, not the recipe). DO NOT JUST POUR ALL YOUR batter into pan. So chocolate cake with coconut filling it is!! Warm Chocolate Stout Cakes with Whiskey Caramel, Marshmallow Creme-Filled Bundt Cake Recipe, Chocolate Pecan Zucchini Bundt Cake Recipe. Took me about 45! Are you helping me very happy. OMG! Sorry for my bad english. Add the confectioners' sugar and 1 tablespoon cream and beat until fluffy, about 3 minutes. I’m going to make this and add cherries to the top, similar to a Black Forest cake I grew up with. Because when its cooled off it is easier to put them in the middle of the cake. Drizzle over the cake. I followed the recipe but what a flop. Flip the cake flat-side down onto a cake stand or serving platter. Planning to store in the freezer for a day as I needed to make it 1.5 days ahead of time and glaze the day of. It may just be time for a new pan? Chocolate Bundt Cake with Oreo Cheesecake Filling #BundtBakers … Smells great, though . I made this the last week ,the cake was yummy but the cheesecake portion was not thick enough i should double the quantity next time! Is there any truth to this? thanks. however, the cheesecake portion fell to the the bottom of the pan, so rather than having the cheescake in the middle, it ended up on the top. This Fudge Filled Vanilla Bundt Cake recipe is buttery and moist with a super fudgy cream cheese filling inside!

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